Shihan Dale Jenkins


Shihan Dale Jenkins
November 9, 1946 - October 9, 1984

On October 9, 2009

We, the original black belts of Shihan-Sensei Jenkins, came together on the 25th Anniversary of his Memorial. Rather than remember the date of his passing, though, we used this day to celebrate his life and give this date more of a positive meaning. We have set up this site in order to share the past, the present, and future events of his past black belts & students.


This site is a living, growing memorial to Shihan Dale Jenkins. Please email any pictures or videos you would like to share. Your help is what will allow this site to continue to live and grow. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to submit your material.

Dale Jenkins Black Belts 2009

Shihan Dale Jenkins


Kneeling: (l to r) Jonathan Exaros, Michael Raymond, Scott Klinger, Lou Popek

Standing: (l to r) Rich Repshar, (John Kiskell*), Marvin Carmona, Art Savarese, Mark Kowalski, Rick Norris,

(Ralph Passero*), Wayne Merkey, Bob Kristensen, (Tony Losazaskus*), Karl Sidnam, (John Kelly*), Michael Semon, Joe Webb

Missing from picture, but present: Joan Calvert, George Calvert, Jimmy Mendez,

Dennis Sammartino, Ron Oringer, Dan Piccioni, Joe Martin Del Campo, Billy Exaros, Joe Murphy, (Jim Kelly*)

(*Black Belts in parenthesis with an asterek were present at the workout but are

not first generation black belts of Sensei Jenkins. They were invited guests and

were there to lend their energy and to experience this powerful event)

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Please review the following lists and forward this website to those black belts who you may know the whereabouts of. Thank you.

Original Black Belt Listing 1983

Original Black Belt Listing 1984

Original Black Belt Listing 1979

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2009 Graveside Memorial Photos

2009 Dojo Workout Photos

Old Kai Pictures - Updated 10/11/2009

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One thing that has re-discovered during this memorial process is how Shihan-Sensei had a gift of making each and every black belt and student feel special. Now is our opportunity to remember how special Shihan-Sensei was. Please send us electronic copies of your pictures & videos. Your help is greatly appreciated!








In closing, we would like to ask for any pictures you may have. We would like to present a video/slide show to be played during the social gathering. Please contribute any pictures you may have (in electronic format) to share. We would also like to announce that THIS website that has been set up to honor Shihan-Sensei Jenkins. After this event is complete we will begin building If you have any pictures, articles, videos (we can convert VHS for you to MPEG format), etc, please email or bring them with you the night of the event. We look forward to seeing you all and sharing this special day in honor of our teacher.



Black Belts of Shihan Dale Jenkins